What Payment Methods are Accepted by Online Print Services?

Discover all payment methods accepted by PSPrint's online print services: from secure online payments through PayPal & Stripe to offline options such as MasterCard & Visa.

What Payment Methods are Accepted by Online Print Services?

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to get your custom printing done? Look no further! There are a variety of payment methods accepted by online print services, making it easy for you to get the job done. From secure online payments through PayPal and Stripe, to offline options such as MasterCard and Visa, you can find the perfect payment method for your needs. At PSPrint, we accept a variety of payment methods to make it easy for you to get your custom printing done. You can pay securely online through our payment partners, PayPal and Stripe.

We also accept MasterCard and Visa. If you want to pay offline, choose the option on the payment screen. Please note that we won't start working on your order until payment has been received and settled. We do not accept checks, money orders or credit cards issued by foreigners (non-American, American).

If you pay by credit card, the money is charged to your credit card at the time you place the order. If you are a government or educational institution that pays by means of a purchase order, you will be billed once your order has been placed and PSPrint has approved your purchase order request. In the case of government organizations or educational institutions, we will invoice you once you have placed your order. You can pay for your order with a debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. Your bank will deduct the purchase amount from your checking account balance.

Keep in mind that there are some restrictions on the use of debit cards, such as limitations on the number of daily transactions and a set daily withdrawal limit. Please note that the billing address on the card must match the address on file with the credit card company to which your account statements are sent. Both your credit card company and PSPrint use the billing address as part of the identification process to protect you from unauthorized purchases. If the billing address entered on the PSPrint billing page does not match the address to which your credit card company sends your account statements, the credit card company will not authorize the charge. During the & billing and shipping step, you'll be asked to choose a payment method. For credit cards, you must enter the type of credit card, the name of the owner, the credit card number, the expiration date and the security code, as well as your name, address and telephone number as they appear on your credit card statements.

For purchase order payments, you will need to enter your purchase order number. Please note that purchase orders are for government organizations and educational institutions only and are pending credit checks. PSPrint will keep your personal information strictly confidential and will use it only to place orders through PSPrint. For more information, read our Privacy Policy. Approved payment methods include, but are not limited to, any of the following methods: business checks, money orders, cashier's checks, debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo, credit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo. We need the credit card number, the cardholder's full name as it appears on the card, the expiration date and verification of security code (CCV) that appears on back of card.

We'll also need billing information including your name and address (or that of your company) as they appear on your credit card statement. If you pay by credit card, we'll process that charge at time you place order. If you pay by check we may ask you to send check to us before we start working on print. In case of open accounts we will invoice you moment our company accepts order. When you enter your credit card information on our website it is encrypted and transmitted directly to our PCI-compliant credit card processor's secure web server where payment is processed. The processor's web server sends data to inform us if charge was approved or denied.

Your credit card information never comes into contact with our web servers and is not stored or associated in any way with your account information on our website. In addition to printed invitations and cards Minted also offers electronic invitations for weddings and matching websites with personalized look and option to customize URL display photo galleries and more. GotPrint is a family-owned online printing company that offers fast and affordable printed promotional materials for businesses.

Online printing services

make it easy for anyone to order any type of printed product from personal photographs for wallets and canvas wall art to business cards and wedding invitations all from comfort of their phone or laptop. Today customers can design pillows mugs wall art with their favorite photos print banners flyers menus for trade shows and order personalized holiday cards wedding invitations. Parents can print pillows or backpacks for their children with their favorite Sesame Street or Disney characters while adults who are in touch with their inner child can have fun creating products from Star Wars universe. We looked at more than two dozen online printing services and chose best ones based on ease of use quality price specialty and more. In addition thanks to batch order processing printing technology used by most online printing services these products are much more affordable than before when only option was to order them directly from walk-in printers or from toiletries manufacturers. Most services try to be cheaper than physical printers since they have add shipping costs to each order.

Most services allow customer preview final design online some will even send free sample before completing order. Snapfish was established as one of first online photo printing sharing services before takeoff digital photography. It is able offer low prices fast delivery times thanks efficient largely automated mass printing process. We chose Vistaprint as best overall because its simplified process makes it easy for customers design print any product that looks professional at affordable prices. Most online printing services make it easy for beginners design order almost any printing product. We chose Zazzle as best licensed product provider because it offers wide selection products featuring licensed characters designs from popular movies TV shows video games comic books etc.

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